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EcoShield Windows
Monroe-Woodbury Middle School

Job Specifications:

  • Monroe-Woodbury Central School District, Central Valley, New York
  • Energy Consultant – Honeywell
  • Architect – ECG Engineering, LLC
  • Window Manufacturer – Kasson and Keller

Central Valley Elementary

Monroe-Woodbury Middle School

  • 7,500 square feet of windows
  • Replaced with 7000 Awning, Fixed and Emergency Egress Casements
  • Energy Ratings – U-Value 0.27
  • Structural Rating – C50


We want our children to be as comfortable in school as they are at home!

Monroe-Woodbury Middle School

Middle School - Before and After

Monroe-Woodbury Elementary School

Elementary School - Before and After

The Problem

Two schools in a Central School District in New York had windows that were not thermally efficient causing the district to lose money yearly on heating and cooling. These windows were often non-operating and unsightly. The money to improve the facility and operate the building was spent instead on rising energy costs. Energy Consultant, Honeywell, and window manufacturer, Kasson and Keller, worked together for the resolution.

The Solution

Kasson and Keller and Honeywell’s Energy Performance Contract used energy efficient windows to replace the existing units. What is Performance Contracting? Honeywell stated it best, “Performance contracting offers an alternative to the traditional bid and spec process by placing the burden of performance and guaranteed results on energy service contractors. Customers can then apply the savings they realize toward facility improvements, within existing budgets and without the need for capital funding.”

Monroe-Woodbury Elementary School

Facts and Benefits Of Vinyl Windows

  • According to latest industry studies, Vinyl has over a 66% market share in residential windows.
  • Vinyl Windows have a long life cycle. Many installed 25 years ago are still in service today.
  • Vinyl Windows can be factory painted or foiled to meet many interior and exterior aesthetic requirements.
  • Vinyl (PVC) is a recyclable material.
  • Vinyl is the best benefit-to-value ratio among window material systems.
  • Worldwide, Vinyl production accounts for less than 0.3 percent of all oil and natural gas consumption and about 10 percent of annual salt consumption.
  • Vinyl Windows are an excellent insulator from hot and cold temperatures.
  • Vinyl Window are the best solution for up to R-5 thermal performance requirements.

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