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Replacement Patio Door Installation Instructions

The following must be done to insure warranty coverage. All vinyl replacement windows are designed to be installed plumb, square and level. If the installer does not meet these simple requirements, the appearance, operation and weatherability of the unit will be affected.

HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Care must be taken in the storage and handling of your patio door. Store patio doors at a slight angle against a wall on a flat, level surface under cover. Do not store your door under plastic, in direct sunlight as this will cause severe heat buildup and may create distortion and improper operation of the unit. Make sure that the full width of the door is supported. If your Patio Door came with nailing fin, be sure to set the door on blocks to prevent the nailing fin from becoming damaged; blocks should be placed at each end and at the meeting rail. When moving and installing the patio door provide full support underneath frame, do not lift by head only. Rough openings must provide enough clearance for door to be installed without force or twisting the patio door.

Make sure the opening is suitable to allow a level, plumb and square installation. The sill must be level. If the opening is not suitable, make adjustments NOW to prevent problems during installation.

Draw a continuous line two inches in from the surface of interior drywall, this will be your caulk line location. Apply a 3/8" bead of silicone along the line for the entire length of the sill and continue that bead approximately two inches up both jambs of the rough opening before setting your frame in place. This will assure a water and air barrier to prevent entry under the sill of the door.

Place the frame into the opening, if the opening was prepared properly, the patio door frame should be sitting level at this point in the installation. Verify that the unit is level, plumb and square, (See Figure 1).

The frame should be shimmed at all installation screw locations and at the mid-point of the jambs to assure that the frame as been installed plumb & square. Again verify that the unit is level, plumb and square before attaching #8 x 2" pan head screws in the head and jambs.

On the interior, loosely stuff insulation between door frame and stud opening to fill void. Do not over pack insulation, doing so may distort door jamb. DO NOT use expandable foam, this may cause the frame to bow, causing difficult operation. Check installation and door operation before trimming exterior. The patio door will not operate smoothly if the unit is out of square, is over-shimmed or rough opening has been over-insulated.

Figure 1
Figure 1

Effective Date: April 11, 2011

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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