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Installing Your Storm Window

Flange-type storm windows only

Does the storm window fit?

Before preparing your existing window opening for the new storm window, place the new storm window in the opening. If the storm window came with a bottom expander, be sure to slip it over the bottom flange of the storm before setting it into the opening.

Set the storm window up against the blind stop from the outside of the window opening. If the casing is out of square, or the storm window was ordered too large, you may have to trim some of the storm window flange (see "Trimming The Flange", below). If the blind stops are less than 3/8" in width or you ordered the storm window too small, you may have to add some wood to the blind stop. Knife expanders can also be ordered from the manufacturer of the storm window to increase its size.

Once it is determined that the storm window will fit, take it out of the opening and set it out of the way.

Clean the mounting surface of the existing opening free of caulk, paint, or dirt buildups. Be sure that the inserts of the storm window are still in the frame to help keep the frame square. Keep all installation clips on until the storm window has been completely installed.

Apply a good bead of quality caulk or sealant to the mounting surface or the frame of the storm window. Be sure the bead is continuous and smooth along the head and both side jambs. No sealant is necessary along the sill in most applications.

Set the storm window back into the opening squarely, and as centered in the opening as possible. Install the supplied installation screws through the pre-drilled frame holes after lifting the storm window up to the proper position. If you are required to drill installation holes in the frame, keep them between 16 and 21 inches on center. Be sure to fasten all screws straight into the casing; not at an angle. Push the bottom expander down into place.

Go inside the house and remove the installation clips. Operate all of the storm window inserts to be sure they slide freely. Remember that the winter closed position is the outside insert up, and the inside insert down.

You have just professionally installed your storm window.

NOTE: "Trimming The Flange" If it becomes necessary to trim the frame down, follow these easy steps: A) Score the groove of the flange several times with a utility knife. Do not reduce any one side more than two groves. B) After scoring, remove the excess metal with pliers. C) File the remaining rough edges. D) Drill new installation holes if necessary.

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