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If you have a Double Hung, Single Hung or Rolling window you can remove the sash from the frame by following these instructions.

  1. Double Hung or Single Hung Windows:
    1. Unlock window.
    2. Raise sash approximately 4”.
    3. Tilt sash into home by disengaging tilt latches so that the sash is parallel with the floor.
    4. Hold the sash firmly with both hands and while holding the left side steady, raise the bottom of the sash with your right hand.
    5. As you are raising the right side of the bottom of the sash, the pivot pin will move out of the balance shoe.
    6. Once the pivot pin is out of the balance shoe on the right side, you can move the sash from left to right. This will release the pivot pin from the balance shoe on the left side.
    7. The sash is now free to be placed on a flat surface for de-glazing.

    This procedure can be viewed step-by-step in our video “How to remove sash”

  2. Rolling Window:
    1. Unlock window.
    2. Slide sash from jamb approximately 4”.
    3. Hold sash firmly with both hands and raise sash straight up into header.
    4. Sash should be raised high enough so that the bottom of the sash will clear the top of the frame.
    5. Move the bottom of the sash towards the interior of the room, lower the sash to free it from the master frame.
    6. Sash is now free to be placed on a flat surface for de-glazing.

If you have a Picture, Casement or Awning Window you can still re-glaze the glass in field even though the window will be in the vertical, installed position.

  1. Start by removing the screws from keeper.
  2. Once glass is re-glazed, reapply keeper.

How to de-glaze (remove old glass):

  1. Begin with sash on a flat surface with the glazing bead facing upward. (Ignore this step if you have a Picture, Casement or Awning window)
  2. Start by removing the glazing bead. (Refer to Drawing 1)
  3. Turn the sash over, use a sharp blade working the blade between the sash profile and glass. Use the blade to cut the glazing material away from the sash and the glass. With the blade between the glass and sash, move the blade around the entire perimeter of the sash.
  4. Once the glass has been cut away from the seal, remove the sash.
  5. Use lacquer thinner or turpentine to remove any remaining glazing tape or silicone from sash.

How to re-glass (install new glass):

  1. Once glazing area is completely clear of adhesive, apply new glazing tape or silicone bead to the center of the glazing area.
  2. Also run a diagonal bead of silicone down each corner of glazing area.
  3. Replace or reposition glazing blocks. (Refer to Drawing 2)
  4. Set glass into place using slight pressure to adhere the glass to silicone or glazing tape.
  5. Once glass is set into place, take glazing beads and position them as they were prior to removal.
  6. Position each bead by sliding the extended leg of the glazing bead into the receptor area of the sash. Follow this order: install the glazing bead on the bottom, then the top and then the sides. (Refer to Drawing 1 for positioning)
  7. With a small wooden mallet, gently tap the top of the bead until the smaller back leg snaps into the sash. Repeat on all four sides.

Removal of Glazing Bead

Drawing 1

Step 1

Insert blade as shown.

Step 2

Tilting the putty knife, push the blade past the nub on the glazing bead.

Step 3

Pull the putty knife in the opposite direction, the glazing bead will then come out.


Locations of Glazing Blocks

Picture / Casement / AwningDouble Hung
Picture / Casement / Awning Double Hung

Effective Date: April 11, 2011

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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