300 New Construction

Windows with Grids

EcoShield Windows


NFRC Testing Chart
Effective Date: March 5th, 2018

Thermal Performance Data - 300 Double HungEnergy Star
Glass TypeU-ValueSHGCVLTCRCompliance
High Perf. Low E000
Energy Star U40.230.240.4351All Zones
Energy Star III0.270.330.4652NC
Low E w/ Argon0.270.250.4652NC


Thermal Performance Data - 300 Picture WindowEnergy Star
Glass TypeU-ValueSHGCVLTCRCompliance
Low E w/ Argon0.250.280.5165N,NC
Energy Star U40.250.270.4665N,NC
Energy Star III0.250.370.5165N,NC
High Perf. Low E0.290.280.5160NC


Thermal Performance Data - 300 Rolling WindowEnergy Star
Glass TypeU-ValueSHGCVLTCRCompliance
Energy Star U40.240.240.4251All Zones
Energy Star III0.280.340.4764NC
Low E w/ Argon0.280.260.4763NC
High Perf. Low E0.320.260.4759


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